Y-days holds proud tradition



    Y Days have been a long standing tradition at BYU. This year the administration would like to see the students recognize and participate in the unifying experience of Y Days.

    Information provided by BYUSA states that traditional Y Days has disappeared as the project it once was. Through the years, Y Days has existed in a limited form as a service project. But this year BYUSA claims they want to create a new chapter in the Y Days legacy.

    To succeed in this creation, BYUSA information has listed four goals for Y Days this year. First, create feelings of unity through meaningful, far encompassing and enjoyable service projects. Second, increase school pride through service to the university. Third, present an opportunity for students and faculty to work hand in hand outside the regular classroom setting. And finally, reestablish the precedent of the Y Days service to be followed for years to come.

    Though BYUSA is a student organization, BYU administration is still involved in the Y-Days events.

    Alton Wade, student life vice president, said that BYU administration has some goals and expectations for Y Days this year. Wade said that he hopes Y Days will bring the university family together with the common purpose of service. Wade emphasized the need to promote service to others both beyond and within the university. Wade also said he hopes those involved in Y Days can implement lifelong learning and service into their lives. “Service is not a destination, it’s a process,” said Wade.

    Wade said that most of the administration involvement in Y Days, has been approving proposals from BYUSA. Patty Tonioli, coordinator of student activities at BYUSA, said that they want to involve the administration in Y days because the administration understands the traditional aspects of the event. Tonioli said that faculty members have been specifically invited to participate in the weeks events. Special buttons have also been made to involve faculty members.

    Wade will speak at a morningside at 9 a.m. Saturday at the Maeser Building quad. This is the day of the actual service project. Wade said that administration, faculty and staff have all been invited to participate and he hopes all will do so.

    Wade said that he feels the success of Y Days in the past can be surpassed this year. He hopes that the numbers of participants will increase this year. Wade said he anticipates an increased number of participants and a successful event this year.

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