BYUSA Club Week to showcase campus clubs



    Booths representing practically every club on campus will be a part of Involvement/BYUSA Club Week.

    Swing Kids, Student Honor Association, Baptist Student Union, Eco-Response, and Amateur Radio Club are just a few of the clubs that will be represented.

    “The purpose of Involvement/BYUSA Club Week is to display the different student groups and clubs on campus and educate students on how to get involved in them,” said Mike Nielsen, the vice president of BYUSA Campus Organizations.

    Involvement/BYUSA Club week is “the easiest way to get involved in a club,” said Laura Cotton, executive director of BYUSA Campus Organizations. “However, not all clubs will be represented with a booth. For clubs that do not have their own booth, BYUSA Campus Organizations and the Campus Involvement Center will have information about them and all other clubs.”

    Cotton said Involvement/BYUSA Club week started so that clubs could increase membership and so that students who wanted to get involved could do so right at the booth. More than one student has given up on getting involved because of the red tape or the bureaucratic nightmare required.

    This week also teaches students how the clubs and organizations support the mission of BYU, Nielsen said. According to the document entitled “Aims of a BYU Education,” BYU’s mission is fourfold: to spiritually strengthen students; to intellectually enlarge students; to build character in students; and develop within students a lifelong desire to learn and to serve. BYU has clubs whose own missions are in harmony with one or more of these missions.

    Involvement/Club week begins on Tuesday, September 9 and runs until Thursday, September 11. Booths will be set up at the Marigold Quad and will be open between 11 a.m and 3 p.m. Live entertainment is scheduled each day between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. The Marigold Quad is located between the Thomas L. Martin Building and the W.W. Clyde Engineering Building

    Questions about Involvement/BYUSA Club week can be directed to Erika Kroll of the Campus Involvement Center at 378-8686 during normal working hours.

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