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    Fans of the classic “Donny and Marie Show” will be thrilled to know that the insanely perky duo will be making their comeback sometime in fall of 1998 with a nationally syndicated television show.

    The original “Donny and Marie Show,” which made Osmond a household name, aired in the mid-’70s.

    Columbia Tristar Television Distribution sold the new Osmond show to KSTU in Salt Lake City, KTTV in Los Angeles, WNYW in New York, WFLD in Chicago and KSAZ in Phoenix, all Fox-owned and operated television stations.

    The one-hour daily comedy, variety and entertainment talk show will be hosted by the brother and sister team will reportedly air as early as the summer of 1998.

    The show, which reunites the one-of-a-kind brother and sister team, will also be produced by the legendary Dick Clark.

    According to officials, the series will contain celebrity interviews and personalities in the news, comedy, as well as unique segments that will take advantage of their strong performance background.

    “This is a show unlike anything else on television right now,” said Barry Thurston, president of CTTD. “Donny and Marie are a proven team whose chemistry, warmth and showmanship is unparalleled not simply in America, but around the world.”

    Steve Mosko, senior vice president of CTTD, said that station and advertising response to the show has been tremendous. He also said that the show will play effectively in the late morning or the afternoon.

    Look out Rosie O’Donnell.

    The show was sold to the networks a little more than a week after CTTD introduced the show to the top markets.

    “Between the Osmonds’ proven star-power and talent and Dick Clark’s producing prowess, we’ve captured all of the elements necessary for success,” said Russ Krasnoff, executive vice president of programming at CTTD.

    “This is the quality programming that stations have been seeking for their daytime and early fringe lineup.”

    Donny and Marie have already filmed several episodes that were used for the presentation of the new show.

    Currently, Donny is working on two new albums. He has finished a Christmas album which will be released later this year. He is also working on an adult contemporary album which he plans to complete in 1998. The new album will concentrate on ballads with a similar sound to R&B artist “Babyface.”

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