Ballroom team will relate missionary experiences



The Ballroom Dance Company is presenting the Devotional today at 11 a.m. in the Marriott Center, but they’re not dancing.

Their focus will be on the missionary work the team does while they’re on tour, said Claudia Hill, Dance Department faculty member and the BDC promotional director.

“It’s not like when the Dance Department comes and dances — they’ll do that later in the year…. The main focus will be on the missionary work that we achieve on tour,” she said. “It’s a neat opportunity. I know that they’re really excited to do it. And it’s also a good chance for the university to see what kind of things occur while we’re on tour, and how much missionary focus there is.”

The company competed for their 17th national title this weekend at the Embassy Ball in California and were supposed to return Monday night.

The ballroom dance team also returned recently from a tour of the Baltic States and Malaysia, Hill said.

According to letters from overseas mission presidents, the company has been a great help in furthering the Lord’s work.

“I was talking with Linda Wakefield (the team director’s wife), and she commented that we’ve received a lot of letters from mission presidents thanking us for coming and performing, because in many cases, we’ve performed in cities where the missionaries have not really been well accepted and through the dance concert, they’ve been able to come in and bring (potential) converts…. It’s also created a lot of good will with the city government, where they have felt better about letting the missionaries in,” Hill said.

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