Sept. 1 deadline for art grants



    The Utah Arts Council is offering grants to assist in the funding of nonprofit arts-related activities.

    The Utah Arts Council, a division of the State Department of Community and Economic Development, provides grants each fall to art projects that will influence individual communities or the entire state.

    Sherry Waddingham, grants and endowment manager for the Utah Arts Council, said they want the art to have an impact on people.

    “We are looking to provide a quality art experience.”

    Each year grants are given depending on the appropriation from the state plus money from other sources received by the Utah Arts Council.

    Funding can be given to any arts-related events except film or video projects. “We cannot fund film and video projects — we don’t have the budget,” Waddingham said. “We would fund arts-related projects where the public can attend some arts function.”

    “We do have a special category of literary magazines that are qualified as non-profit,” she said. This is an opportunity for artists to be creative. “It is totally up to them (the artists) and inspiration … whatever they dream up to do.”

    The application requires an explanation of the project, including expenditures and budget.In the application, Waddingham said each applicant must include a project proposal and a budget proposal.

    “All grants need to match the grant with money — it can be money that is generated by the project, just so that when the production is over, someone has paid at least half of the project. They need to be pretty sure they will come up with the money somehow.”

    New applicants must submit their applications by Sept. 1. Waddingham said because the first is a holiday, the applications can be delivered by hand by 5 p.m. on Sept. 2. Otherwise the application must be postmarked by Sept. 1. For groups reapplying for grants, the due date is Oct. 1.

    To apply, applications must be sent or delivered to The Utah Arts Council, 617 E. South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84102.

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