Let the Lord guide decisions,associate professor



    Life today is confusing, but the Lord will guide students in their decisions if they let him, said Renata T. Forste, an assistant professor of sociology, at the Devotional Tuesday.

    Forste said that as people allow the Lord to direct them, they need to let go of their pride and personal desires. They need to humble themselves before the Lord.

    She said that people often look at things with cultural biases.

    “We must be willing to look beyond our own cultural stereotypes — or our own limited perceptions of the world — in order to see the opportunities the Lord has for us,” she said.

    Forste spoke about Peter’s dream when the Lord told him to eat unclean animals. Peter had to overcome social norms and cultural biases to accept the Lord’s request. Because Peter had faith in the Lord, he obeyed and took the gospel to the Gentiles.

    Forste said people limit themselves by not believing they can do what the Lord asks them to do.

    “We must trust the Lord and know, as Nephi said, that he gives no commandment without preparing a way for us to succeed,” she said. “We must look beyond our personal weaknesses and our biases as we seek and follow his guidance. Be careful about telling the Lord what you will not do or what you cannot do.”

    Forste also said people limit themselves by not leaving options open.

    “If we are to let the Lord guide us, we must be open to the potential paths he may direct us down according to his timetable, not ours,” she said.

    In addition to not telling the Lord what will or will not be done, people need to listen to the Lord and acknowledge him in all they do, Forste said.

    “Do you realize that only 40 percent of the people your age are enrolled in college in the more affluent countries in the world and less than 3 percent in the poorest countries of the world?” she said. “You have access to resources and opportunities that are beyond the reach of the world’s population.”

    Forste said because each person has unique experiences and a unique mission, they must not judge each other.

    Quoting Elder H. Burke Peterson of the Seventy, she said, “There are things for each of you to do that no one else can do as well as you. If you will let him, I testify that our Father in Heaven will walk with you through the journey of life and inspire you to know your purpose here.”

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