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    Trolleys are not just for those who like Mr. Rogers.

    The Art City Trolley restaurant on Main Street in Springville is an interesting experience — even without the food.

    The owners, Jeff and Kelly Decker, bought the trolley a few years ago in Salt Lake City where it was used on the city streets, said Brian Boxx, assistant manager of the restaurant.

    The Trolley started small and had only a few tables, but last October an addition made room for 16 more tables. Now, only half the restaurant’s seating is in the actual trolley.

    “It has added a lot of nostalgia and character to the restaurant,” Boxx said of the addition.

    The entrees are priced from $5 to $6 and the menu includes hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and steaks.

    “The most popular dishes are either our wings or our Trolley chicken sandwich which comes with wing sauce,” Boxx said.

    The restaurant displays old classic cars once a month in the parking lot. There is also an old gas station with an antique pump behind the restaurant.

    Music is another important part of the restaurant. In order to set the right ambiance, music from artists such as Elvis Presley is piped over the restaurant speakers.

    The Trolley is easiest to get too by taking 900 East south toward Springville.

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