Database zeroes in on sex offender



    A West Jordan man was arrested Monday for aggravated assault and attempted abduction of a 37-year-old woman. The assault took place on the Alpine Loop road near Aspen Grove on June 24.

    The Utah County Sheriff’s Office arrested 42-year-old Lorin Walter Parry after two search warrants resulted in finding physical evidence linking him to the assault, said Detective Dave Snyder of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

    The Utah County Sheriff’s Office received a tip from Michelle Rodriguez, a worker at the Utah Department of Corrections, who had matched physical descriptions of the assault suspect with a profile in a database of records of previous sex offenders, Snyder said.

    Rodriguez said she was contacted two days after the assault and ran multiple searches through a registry of sex offenders. She matched Parry’s record with physical descriptions of the assault suspect and the vehicle given by the victim and other witnesses.

    Snyder said Parry indicated during questioning he was in the area of the assault, and he had accidentally struck a female with his vehicle.

    Parry was taken into custody at the State Corrections Administration building and criminal charges are pending upon review of the case by the Utah County Attorney’s office, said a news release from the Utah County Sheriff’s office.

    The database used to help find Parry contains the records of nearly 4,200 convicted sex offenders throughout Utah. It was first started in 1987, when it was created by the legislature, Rodriguez said .

    Rodriguez said she maintains the database and runs searches for the police departments that need to access the information.

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