Bingham County, Idahorecovering from flood



    I-15 officially opened Monday morning for Bingham County, Idaho, and residents are still waiting for flood waters to recede, said Arlan Wareing director of disaster services.

    Farmers and property owners began cleaning up their land, but the county has not begun clean up or road repairs.

    “We cannot fix the roads until the water level decreases,” Wareing said.

    High waters eroded the bank along the Snake River, causing water to channel into nearby farming areas. It will be some time until the water is low enough to repair the breach in the bank, Wareing said.

    Most homes affected by the water are repairable. However, Wareing knows of at least two or three permanently damaged homes in the county.

    Everyone that had to leave went to friends’ or relatives’ homes to stay. Shelters were available, but people do not like to go to shelters, Wareing said.

    No damage occurred to businesses in the city of Blackfoot. Business owners had concern for their parking lots and a few moved their outside products to safer locations.

    “Waters barely began to recede there,” Blackfoot public works director Gary Chaffin said. Clean-up efforts have not started in Blackfoot, except for the removal of sandbags.

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