Ambulance shooting second in two months



    Shots were fired at a Gold Cross ambulance Monday morning in Salt Lake City.

    “At approximately 4:30 a.m. one of our parked ambulances was fired upon,” said Mike Reynolds, director of community relations for Gold Cross Ambulance.

    The ambulance was parked at a designated “system status management” location. Demands and locations are predicted by computer to distribute ambulances throughout the community to decrease response time to calls, Reynolds said.

    The two EMTs, Troy Easton and Jack Meersman, were standing alongside the driver-side of the parked vehicle at 1751 S. 1100 East in SLC. There were approximately nine shots fired. Four shots struck the passenger-side door area, Reynolds said.

    “At this time the weapon is believed to be a hand-gun,” said Sgt. Kyle Jones of the SLC Police Department.

    Officers found shell casings in the roadway, which will be used to compare with other shootings, Jones said.

    “We have no idea what the motive was,” Jones said.

    The EMTs didn’t see any vehicle or suspects. At this point “we are looking for witnesses to come forward,” Jones said.

    When Easton and Meersman heard the shots, they dove for cover. Meersman struck his head and was transported to LDS Hospital but was released after being examined.

    “Everyone involved handled themselves well. It’s always a harder thing to do when it involves your own people (as victims),” Reynolds said.

    In late March, another Gold Cross ambulance was fired upon. No one was in the vehicle and the incidents are believed to be unrelated.

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