Local youth dance for free



    In real Broadway style, local stars from The Dance Club in Orem held a free show in connection with National Dance Week.

    The auditorium at Timpview High School was filled Saturday night with proud and excited family and friends who cheered for the dancers in an impressive show.

    The performance was a modern ballet show to upbeat music from Broadway’s “Singing in the Rain,” to the recent movie hit “That Thing You Do” and the Eagle’s classic “Hotel California.”

    Cheryl Delling started the privately-owned dance school in Orem 18 years ago. The small club has grown to employ 15 instructors and teach over 300 students. Many students devote many hours to practicing dance. Some practice more than average teenagers watch TV.

    Angie De St Jeor, 15, of Orem, has danced for 12 years and is in the senior company. She practices 2-4 hours of ballet a day and jazz 6 hours a week.

    “I love dance. It’s everything to me,” said De St Jeor.

    The junior and senior companies are the most experienced dancers. They have the chance to compete and perform in regional and national competitions and shows. Many want to someday be professional dancers.

    The fabulous costumes added life and excitement to the performance. With a new costume for each number, there were dozens of creative and colorful creations by Alice Ballantyne. She is in charge of the costumes as well as being the head secretary of The Dance Club.

    “She is amazing,” De St Jeor said about Ballantyne.

    Kylie Webb, 7, from Orem, was one of the talented performers on the show. She openly tells that she wants to be a professional dancer.

    “It’s fun,” Webb said.

    The fun and excitement felt by the dancers was the driving force behind the successful show at Timpview High School.

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