Party houseto be siteof bands’ gig



    Local bands get bored playing in the same band venues over and over. This weekend they have found new places.

    Matt Brinton, a senior from Provo majoring in international relations, is having a house party Friday featuring Richard Pike and My Man Friday.

    Saturday features Spivey’s Corner, Melk and Richard Pike playing at 11 a.m. at Kiwanis Park, in celebration of spring and a successful year.

    The bands enjoy playing for parties because they are more laid back and everyone is there to have a good time, said lead singer Jimmy Thompson of My Man Friday.

    “Parties are easy to play for. From the first note, everyone is into the music and dancing around,” Thompson said.

    Richard Pike played for Brinton’s party in March and band members said they are glad to be invited back.

    Scott Porter, lead singer and guitarist for Richard Pike said, “We’re more relaxed playing at parties because people are uninhibited. People aren’t there to study the band or just hear us. They are there to have a good time.”

    Brinton played host at his first party in the fall of 1994, which only attracted 300 people, but his most recent one in March attracted 1,500.

    “Only in Provo could you find a party like this — almost 1,500 university students in one house and no problems with drugs or alcohol, nothing ever stolen or broken, and no deaths,” Brinton said.

    Brinton’s house is fun and perfect for a party, but can’t hold more than 1,500; if the weather permits, they are planning on having it outside, Brinton said.

    Members of the bands said they are glad to have a new place to play. It allows them to break out of their regular mold, Porter said. Local merchants are sponsoring the concert.

    “I always hear people complain that there is nothing to do on the weekends in Provo. Brinton’s parties are great because it gives students somewhere to go and meet new people and hang out,” said Craig Brown, a junior from San Diego majoring in English.

    “Students try to have parties at their apartments, but you can’t fit 1,500 people in no apartment — that’s for sure,” said Robb Hanks, a senior majoring in photography from Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.

    Brinton said people always ask what his dad is going to do when he finds out about the party. “Why don’t you find out for yourself? He’s probably in the pool or something,” Brinton said.

    “Well, for something like this, we don’t expect to get paid. We just want to have a good time. If we do get paid, that’s just an extra bonus,” Thompson said.

    The year is coming to an end and the band members all have different plans to go in different directions, said Melk guitarist Mark Owens, from Walnut Creek, Calif.

    “This is something we have all always wanted to do. It’ll be different than the typical local venue because it is free; there won’t be a light show; and as we play people will be doing other things, not paying attention to us,” said Melk’s bassist Ryan Wallin, a senior majoring in zoology from Mesa, Ariz.

    “We want to play one last time. Everyone is excited to play outside at a park. People can enjoy themselves outside — playing and eating,” Owens said.

    The party will be more than people standing around talking. Food, swimming, live bands and volleyball will be at the Brinton’s, 3929 N. Riverwood Drive in Provo, for a $3 cover charge.

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