Off-Broadway show hilarious



    Just when the audience thought they couldn’t laugh any harder, Tim Behrens created yet another hilarious scene in Patrick F. McManus’s “McManus in Love.”

    “McManus in Love” is the story of young Pat McManus who begins to discover girls and finally works up enough courage to ask Melba Peachbottom out on a date — but oh, what a date! No matter how many bad or embarrassing moments you think could happen on a first date, Pat’s date tops them all.

    In his attempt to find out all he can about girls, Pat gets advice from some of the strangest members of his community including an old woodsman, Rancid Crabtree, who takes a bath once every leap year.

    Tim Behrens astounded the audience with his ability to perform all the characters in the play. The characters ranged from a bear, a bicycle and a strange assortment of humans.

    Audience member Kim Anderson said, “Tim Behrens is a very talented actor. He really brought the characters to life — all 15 of them.”

    Behrens said he is very lucky because in 90 percent of his shows he rides the waves of laughter from the audience. Friday night’s audience definitely supplied those waves.

    Behrens was able to portray a totally different voice and mannerism for each of the human characters.

    McManus has published 11 books and five of them have made the New York Best-Seller List. His first play, “A Fine and Pleasant Misery,” was a huge success with over 200 audiences.

    The sequel, “McManus in Love” is destined for the same claim.

    “I guarantee that people will laugh longer and harder than they have ever laughed in two years or they can wait and I will personally refund their money at the end of the production,” Behrens said.

    “McManus in Love” is playing now through Saturday at the Off Broadway Theater in Salt Lake. Show times are at 7:30 p.m. There will also be a 2 p.m. matinee on Saturday. Ticket prices are $12.50 for adults and $8 for ages 16 and under. Call 355-4628 for tickets.

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