Payson police solve 60-70 burglaries



    Payson detectives have solved 60 to 70 felony crimes thanks to a call from the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

    Dennis Harris from the Utah County Sheriff’s Office called detectives from the Payson Police Department Tuesday regarding stolen property the sheriffs found at 564 N. 700 East, Payson.

    “We had quite a few burglaries in the area,” said detective Bill Swartzwelder. “We just went to assist.”

    Recent burglaries in Payson included the theft of the contents of 49 storage sheds in one night as well as theft from businesses, cars and residences.

    Swartzwelder went to the house where the stolen property was found. He interviewed the sheriffs and examined the merchandise. He said he knew the merchandise were items the police had been looking for.

    Swartzwelder sought a search warrant from the County Attorney’s Office to search the home. At 8:40 p.m. the warrant was served. Property stolen from Utah County businesses, homes and cars were salvaged.

    “Some of the stuff was obvious,” Swartzwelder said. “It was similar to recent break-ins. We found radios and radio chargers.”

    The police have arrested four adults and one juvenile. The five are in police custody. They all listed 564 N. 700 East, Payson, as their address in the police report. The adults are Gordon Richard Clark, 22; Jermaine Ira Allen, 21; Jessie Mcelfish, 25; and Steven Eril Hill, 20.

    “This was a combined effort with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office,” Swartzwelder said. “If they hadn’t called us we wouldn’t be where we are. We solved 60-70 crimes by one phone call.”

    Police said more arrests are possible as the investigation continues.

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