Healthy diet helps cancer victim



    While many conventional cancer treatments work for cancer patients, some do not. Therefore, some patients have turned to less conventional types of cancer treatments such as the Gerson Therapy.

    Max Gerson, a German doctor, developed a therapy that he felt was able to restore the body’s healing ability, which would then help heal certain diseases like cancer. But more importantly, Gerson felt that his therapy could be used to prevent cancer and protect the body from degenerative diseases.

    “The ideal task of cancer therapy is to restore the function of the oxidizing systems in the body through detoxification of the body, essential mineral contents from the potassium group and adding oxidizing enzymes in the form of juices,” Gerson said.

    Simply put, the Gerson Therapy is a “strict diet.” Patients must be detoxified regularly, drink lots of fresh juices and eat lots of fresh fruit.

    When Blaine Porter, a retired BYU professor, was diagnosed with cancer, he started the Gerson Therapy right away. Porter said he never used any conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiology or surgery.

    Porter said people from all over the world travel to Mexico to receive the Gerson Therapy at the clinic there. Porter said that while he was at the clinic, he was the only patient who had not had any type of conventional medicine.

    “Most of the patients were there as a last resort — their doctors had sent them home to die,” Porter said.

    Gerson’s Therapy is successful but it would be even more so if people would start the therapy right away, Porter said. “I liked Gerson’s Therapy very much, because it worked for me.”

    Porter said the therapy helped him learn more about his body and how to maintain his health through his diet. Porter said he now tries to eat only organically grown fruits and vegetables.

    Porter said he attended Howard Lyman’s lecture Monday and agrees with Lyman about the harmful effects animal products have on the human body. “I no longer eat red meat … it no longer appeals to me.”

    After changing his diet, Porter said he is even feeling better than he did before he developed cancer. “If I had known 50 years ago what I know now, I would have been eating this way all along,” Porter said.

    Porter said he is doing well and has gained back weight and energy.

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