SAC week gives students a voice



    BYU students have a chance to be heard during the semi-annual Student Advisory Council week. Students will have the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns to a SAC representative.

    “The reason for SAC week is to get out and educate the students what SAC representatives are all about,” said Stephanie DeGraff, SAC assistant vice president.

    “We want students to understand what SAC can do for them. They need to know that we provide a positive link between the student body and the administration,” DeGraff said.

    The week’s events include a panel discussion with SAC representatives, the student soapbox where SAC representatives will be present to hear student ideas, open SAC meetings and a Peter Brienholt concert. There will also be a SAC representative at the SAC booth outside the library between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily.

    The purpose of the soapbox is to provide an environment for students to say what they are thinking and know that their ideas will be heard by the administrators, DeGraff said.

    SAC week will also inform students about SAC activities and projects. “People aren’t very aware of things we are doing — like putting in the baby changing tables, extending the Cougareat hours and removing the crosswalk at 900 East,” DeGraff said.

    SAC is composed of 39 student representatives. Eight representatives are appointed to represent special interest groups on campus, like Students of Other Faiths and Students with Disabilities.

    The remaining SAC representatives are elected from each of the colleges on campus. These representatives sit on college councils and have a direct link with the student body.

    The SAC meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays to deal with campus concerns and student issues. Here the representatives facilitate discussion, look into issues, work in committees and pass proposals.

    At the Thursday meeting, a member of the President’s council speaks to SAC, listens to the ideas and proposals and gives administrative input.

    SAC elections occurred two weeks ago, but some positions are still available, DeGraff said.

    “Students can come to the fourth floor of the Wilkinson Center and fill out an application if they are interested in being a SAC rep,” DeGraff said.

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