Seniors show off choreography in Samplers


Dear Editor,

During my four years at BYU, I have read the many negative comments in other letters from students. I have often felt I should voice my opinion. Since I am done in one week, I am going to take advantage of this opportunity to thank the BYU community for the wonderful experience I have had here.

BYU is a great university! There is much more here than just the simple, temporal education. I have met so many wonderful people, had great opportunities for service, and have learned so much more about what true religion is all about. I would never have had this opportunity if BYU weren’t the class organization it is.

Those who lead BYU are awesome. President and Sister Lee did a great job, and President and Sister Bateman are incredible people. BYU will benefit from their leadership for many years. Many thanks to the Bateman and Lee families!

I am glad BYU upholds the honor code. It represents the things that make this university special. Goodness, service, brotherhood, learning, spirituality, fun, football, and hard work are some of the words that come to my mind when I think of BYU. I will always cherish the privilege I had to attend this great school. Thanks BYU!!!

Jared Rounsville

Blackfoot, Idaho

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