Seniors show off choreography in Samplers


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Six BYU seniors will show off their choreography skills in “Senior Samplers” today and Saturday in the Dance Studio Theater in 166 RB at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets for $1 are available at the Dance Ticket Office in 165 RB or can be purchased at the door.

The students presenting are Stephanie Barton, Beverly Kerr, Liz Newman, Jennifer Rogers, Christy Rawls and Rebecca Call.

The 10-minute pieces, which are the culmination of the students’ dance education at BYU, will include one classical ballet piece, one dance with jazz overtones and four modern dance pieces.

“Each dance is like ‘a box of chocolates,’ as Forrest Gump would say,” commented Cathy Black, faculty advisor for the senior-dance seminar. “Just as every chocolate in a box is different, every dance in the program will be different and have its own flavor, thus contributing to the samplers’ theme.”

The senior projects require about 90 hours of work. The students have to conceive the dances, find the music and costumes, recruit dancers and publicize the show.

“The show is different every semester,” Black said. “There seems to be a never-ending flow of creativity from the students.”

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