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    Novell employees are showing their Christmas spirit once again through their participation in the annual Novell food drive, hoping to reach a goal of 500,000 meals for needy families this year.

    “This is the 12th year running,” said Dennis Morganson, manager of Novell community relations for Utah. “There is always a need, but of course during the holiday time there is a tremendous need. We have a great commitment from our employees.”

    Last year more than 500,000 meals were provided nationally by Novell employees, Morganson said, and that has become the new goal for 1996. Morganson said employees are encouraged to bring food until Dec. 19.

    “I think the holiday time is a time when most people reflect on others that are less fortunate and how they can help them. Novell just wants to help those who have the need. There are many out there with that need.”

    Morganson said the drive began last Tuesday with a turkey dinner drive.

    “If employees wanted to donate, we had a specific number of items to make up a Thanksgiving meal or a $25 donation,” Morganson said. “This year we’re also sponsoring a book drive.”

    Terry Cutler, a senior from Pleasanton, Calif., majoring in computer science, is an intern at Novell who participated in the food drive this year.

    “Giving a little was really not that hard to do,” Cutler said. “I had some extra food at home that my wife and I weren’t going to use, some canned goods and other food items, so I donated them.”

    Cutler said many people think they have to give away their life savings.

    “If you donate 25 bucks, that would give a family of four a full holiday dinner. For a student, that’s really pretty high, but five bucks really isn’t that much. Just to give a little here and there makes a difference,” Cutler said.

    One event Novell employees will participate in is Peanut Butter Friday on Dec. 13.

    “Employees are encouraged to bring two large jars of peanut butter. Peanut butter is a staple food with a long shelf life, and for those who participate, our executives will serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,” Morganson said.

    Community Action Food Bank and Utah Food Bank will receive all the proceeds from the drive.

    “It is an employee-driven activity,” Morganson said. “The employees are the volunteers that run it. Excitement is up and Novell will match the employees’ donation in dollars.”

    Morganson also said the Community Action Food Bank would welcome food donations from anyone who is willing to donate and should be contacted for more information on how to help.

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