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    Websites and homepages directed at LDS individuals are growing as more information becomes available about the Internet — and now there is an easier way to find them.

    Kent Larsen, a member of the Manhattan 6th Branch in New York City, recently began a new LDS-Internet source using a magazine format to distribute information about LDS websites, e-mail discussion lists, available newsgroups and IRC channels.

    “Mormon-index is an e-mail message that anyone can get,” said Kent S. Larsen, founder of Mormon-index from New York. “It is a place where you can read about new or changed sources on the Internet. For example, I recently put a (World Wide Web) page on my server that covers the history of the church in New York City. I have announced this page on Mormon-index. Everyone that is subscribed to Mormon-index now knows that it exists.”

    This service will allow individuals to know what LDS sites are available.

    “Hopefully, others will use this information in their own webpages,” Larsen said. “For example, Dave Crockett has a very good site on church history. I suspect he will put a link on his pages to the site on the history of the church in New York City. Without Mormon-index, Dave may not have known that this site even existed.”

    “Mormon-index is a weekly list of queries, responses, announcements and information on Mormon resources on the Internet,” Larsen said.

    Mormon-index also allows individuals to place queries about specific questions regarding the church, information searches on specific topics and other queries. These queries can be answered in the response section of Mormon-index.

    Announcements of e-mail addresses include a variety of interesting topics. These give a brief description of the mailing list and announce the address. Examples of these are the New Jersey Scouting Mailing List and Seminary Mailing List for CES Directors and Teachers.

    Newsgroup announcements follow the same format. Several interesting addresses under this topic include: LDSWorld, Homepage fuer deutschprachigen Mitglieder der Kirche, Links to LDS church resources in foreign languages, a list of links to mission homepages, The Wadsworth Ohio Branch Primary Homepage and Jim Radford’s index of Church graphics and clip art.

    Rising technology has brought a surge of available information on the Internet and Latter-day Saints are taking advantage of it.

    “Mormon-index will be the best single resource for keeping up-to-date with what Mormon information is available on the Internet,” Larsen said. “When someone announces a page related to your site, you’ll want to know.”

    You can join Mormon-index by sending an e-mail message to: . In the body of your message write, ‘subscribe Mormon-index .’

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