LDS candidate in tight senate race in Oregon


    Dear Editor,

    A certain acquaintance of mine will have the opportunity to attend the Mount Timpanogos temple dedication. What a great opportunity this will be. For months my friend’s home ward has focused on preparing for this blessed event.

    Unfortunately my friends stake assigned time to attend the dedication interferes with one of her classes. Knowing this my friend went to their music teacher a couple of weeks in advance and asked him if he would excuse the absence and allow my friend to turn in the assigned homework early.

    He responded by asking this shocking question. He said “Is it a want or is it a have to event?” The temple is the house of the Lord. The Temple is essential for salvation, a music class at BYU is not!

    He then told my friend that he probably wouldn’t excuse the absence. One might think that the ‘#1 Religious School’ in the nation would encourage its students to attend this sacred ceremony, not discourage them. What would Jesus say if he were the teacher in this situation.

    Matthew Smith

    Pleasant Grove

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