Volunteers kick offUnited Way fund-raiser



    BYU faculty representing the university, and other prominent organizations in Provo volunteered their Wednesday morning for the United Way of Utah County’s “Day of Caring.”

    “We had such a large response from BYU faculty that we had to request another assignment. The United Way campaign has never had a request for more assignments,” said Amelia Matthews of BYU Public Affairs.

    There were between 85 and 100 volunteers from BYU who invested their time in community service.

    “BYU is the largest donator in time and money for Utah County,” said Bill Hulterstrom, president of United Way of Utah County.

    BYU volunteers spent four hours painting the Recreation and Habilitation Services (R.A.H.) facility and serving the American Red Cross, Family Support and Treatment Center, Habitat for Humanity and Kids on the Move.

    “Every year United Way has an annual fund-raising drive. This year we kicked off that day with a ‘Day of Caring’,” Hulterstrom said. “That way people have the opportunity to donate time instead of just money.”

    This was also the first year United Way started the week of service with a pancake breakfast.

    “This is a new way for United Way to kick off the ‘Day of Caring’,” Matthews said. “United Way wanted to give back to those who served.”

    Daryl Tischy, administrative assistant at the Physical Facilities Plant, was happy there was such a good turnout. “We had to limit the amount of volunteering because there is already enough work on campus,” he said.

    Tischy said that the invitation to serve was open to students.

    “I was unable to serve in ‘Y Days’ on Saturday,” said Taryn Tuiofua, a sophomore from San Diego, Calif. “This gives me the opportunity to serve.”

    “My community doesn’t have this big of community service involvement. This community has a big involvement,” said Chanda Brown, a part-time employee at the Physical Facilities Division.

    After the breakfast, Jay Cope from United Way made some remarks and recognized some key contributors. A celebrity musician and composer, Becky Hobbs, sang “Angels Among Us.” Hobbs was accompanied by the Utah Valley International Children’s Choir.

    BYU faculty are involved with these agencies more than just on the “Day of Caring.”

    Curt Jolley, the project administrator in the Physical Facilities Division, has a daughter with Prader Willeys Syndrome attending R.A.H. weekly.

    “R.A.H. has games and programs, such as boating on Deer Creek and bowling,” Jolley said.

    The R.A.H. facility allows physically and mentally disabled children and adults to participate in social activities.

    “We have had bishops and stake presidents use these agencies, particularly Kids on the Move, for counseling training,” Matthews said.

    Other local community organizations, including Novell and NuSkin, donated materials and time to “Day of Caring.”

    Nathan Seiter/Daily Universe

    CAUTION–WET PAINT: Members of the BYU faculty took time out of their schedules to add a fresh coat of paint to the Recreation and Habilitation facility Wednesday. As part of the United Way of Utah County’s “Day of Caring,” dozens of volunteers lent a hand on various service projects

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