New pizza and video place delivers



    I don’t know if you saw them, but last weekend there were spotlights flashing all over Provo. Saturday afternoon, while driving down Freedom Blvd., I found their source, Scene One Video and Pizza.

    Now, of course, any pizza joint in Provo has to have a twist if it doesn’t already have a reputation. Scene One does just that, just say “Twister” with your pepperoni and you have yourself a “Cast Party,” as they like to call it. Scene One delivers your movie rental with your pizza.

    I, of course, was skeptical but decided it was worth the effort of at least trying it, so I talked a roommate into walking the two blocks to the store with me to check it out.

    At the store we found a large selection (1,500) of new releases and an even larger selection (7,500) of other titles. It being a Tuesday night, most of their stock was full, but I did notice that their only copy of “So I Married an Axe Murderer” (one of my personal favorites) had already been rented out.

    We mosied on over to the pizza part and found a pleasant surprise, decent prices. A small 9″ pizza started at only $3.49 and even the largest (14″), most expensive pizza was only $8.99. The menu also included many of the extras you’d expect to see at a pizza joint called the “Supporting Cast.” The unique part of the menu was the “Cast Parties,” a combination of pizza, two-liter soft drinks, and any new release of your choice.

    Well, I figured I needed to start a membership before they could deliver me a pizza and a movie, so my roommate and I rented the old version of “Sabrina” which, by the way, we found in the new releases, not the classics.

    Rental prices weren’t too bad, either. They range from $.99 for a children’s title up to $2.99 for a New Release. Most rentals are for three days, but the “Hot” new releases are only for one.

    The most surprising rental price was for the VCRs, three days for $2.99. For anyone without a VCR, this is a great deal.

    We got to the counter and I had to fill out the usual paperwork for a membership. While we were waiting, my roommate was thrilled to find out she would receive a free Mystical Whale Pendant as seen on Jesse in “Free Willy 2″ with our rental. She tore open the package and declared it her new good luck charm.

    We found our way home, and I called the place to order pizza and another movie (these people must have thought I was insane). I found out that the delivery did come with a $1 fee, but it seemed worth it if I didn’t have to leave my apartment again.

    I gave them the address (which was also on the form I filled out to start a membership) and about twenty minutes later the pizza guy showed up with a 14” pepperoni pizza with extra cheese. He forgot the movie, but gave me the pizza and wouldn’t take any money until he returned a few minutes later with the movie.

    The pizza was quick and not half as bad as some of their competitors. It’s not necessarily gourmet, but who can complain when it’s at such a good price? “Sabrina” was excellent and Amy (my roommate) got a new, free good luck charm. All in all, I’d say Scene One has a good thing going.

    Now remember, I conducted this little experiment at around 8 p.m. on a Tuesday night. The real test will be on the weekends, if they can get the pizza to you before you’ve snacked on everything in your apartment, and if they have the movie you want on a Friday or Saturday night.

    Scene One is located at 680 North Freedom Blvd. in Provo and is open Monday thru Thursday, 10:30 a.m. – midnight, and Friday and Saturday, 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 a.m.

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