‘Emma Smith’ coming to Vill


    Mamie Hjorth will present her monologue regarding Emma, the wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith this Sunday at 7:30 p.m. as the program for Sunday Evening at the Villa in Springville.

    A very special “calling” by a general authority of the LDS Church is the impelling incident that began Hjorth’s special relationship with this great woman of Church History. LeGrand Richards told Hjorth: “Emma Smith is, without a doubt, the most deeply misunderstood woman in all history. She has been far too long misaligned. It is time now for her true story to be told.” He then asked Hjorth to accept as her mission and calling the responsibility of never turning down the opportunity to tell the true story of Emma.

    Traveling extensively with private invitations, Hjorth has also been featured all throughout the United States at LDS Church Education programs, Campus Education Week, Educators’ Symposium, youth and women’s conferences, “Know Your Religion” programs, firesides and ward and stake functions.

    A native of Utah, Hjorth has attended BYU and New York University, served in both ward and stake positions in all the auxiliary organizations and accepted assignments from both Primary and Relief Society General Boards.

    The costume for this presentation is an authentic pioneer dress designed and created by Elizabeth W. Crandall under the direction of Carma deJong Anderson at BYU.

    The Sunday evening programs at the Villa are free, but please call 489-3088 for reservations

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