President Bateman names 4 administrative officer



    BYU President Merrill J. Bateman announced on Friday four key appointments in the administrative organization, including the assistant vice president of Student Life and dean of students.

    Janet S. Scharman, associate director of the BYU Counseling and Development center, was among those appointed to new positions. Scharman will begin her job transition as she becomes the vice president of Student Life and dean of students.

    Ned C. Hill, chair of the BYU Department of Business Management, has been appointed assistant of the president for planning and budgeting.

    L. Robert Webb, a BYU associate academic vice president, has been appointed director of planning in the Office of Planning and Budgeting. He will report to Hill.

    Cheryl Brown, associate dean of the College of Humanities, will replace Webb as an associate academic vice president. She will report to Academic Vice President Alan L. Wilkins.

    With Provost Bruce C. Hafen being called as an LDS Church general authority, President Bateman made the decision to reassign the provost’s duties.

    “The Office of Planning and Budgeting is not the same as a Provost but will still report to President Bateman,” said Brent Harker, director of Public Communications for BYU.

    The Provost office was over the faculty, but now those responsibilities have been reassigned to the academic vice president and the president, he said.

    President Bateman said in a press release, “The creation of the Office of Planning and Budgeting, led by Hill and Webb, grows out of the university strategic planning efforts over the past several years. It will allow the university to look at how our various resources are allocated on campus and evaluate the needs of each of our different entities.”

    Webb said that some of his responsibilities are to develop outcome measures that judges performance for departments, colleges, and for the university. The Office of Planning and Budgeting will also develop five-year plans with the departments and colleges, and set a plan to conduct stewardship reviews.

    Hill is the Joel C. Peterson professor of business administration in the Marriott School of Management. He received a doctoral degree from Cornell University in finance and a master’s degree of science from Cornell in bio-organic chemistry.

    Internationally known for his work with electronic data interchange, Hill is the author of more than 70 professional publications and three books. As chair of the graduate curriculum committee, he was responsible for the major redesign of the BYU MBA program. He is the recipient of four BYU MBA teaching excellence awards and the outstanding faculty award.

    Webb, who obtained his master’s degree in public administration, has served under four presidents at BYU. During that time, he has served as an associate and assistant academic vice president, administrative assistant to the academic vice president, director of Financial Aid and director of School Relations.

    Scharman will be responsible for numerous student centers and programs including BYUSA, the Honor Code Office, and Honor Code Council, Women’s Services and Resources and training and evaluation programs. She said she has worked directly with the Women’s Services and Resources Office and has worked indirectly with the other offices.

    President Bateman also made changes in the job title from dean of Student Life to dean of students. “This change focuses on students and less on functions of business such as the Varsity Theater, candy shop, and other functions in the Wilkinson Center,” Harker said.

    A licensed psychologist, Scharman earned her doctoral degree from the University of Utah in counseling psychology. She has been involved over the past several years in overseeing the day-to-day operation of services of the counseling center, including the Women’s Services and Resources office, Multicultural Personal Counseling and Services for Students with Disabilities.

    As the associate academic vice president, Brown will be in charge of continuing education and related off-campus programs and for academic support, including international programs and libraries.

    She said she will oversee all continuing education and outreach programs. This includes all international programs, internships, Study Abroad, BYU academics in foreign countries, and all distant learning.

    Brown said she will be responsible for finding ways to extend the knowledge, benefits, and blessings to the world.

    A distinguished teacher, Brown has an international reputation in teaching English as a second language. She earned her doctoral degree from the University of California at Los Angeles in applied linguistics with an emphasis in language acquisition.

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