Y Take Out is Creamery’s new neighbor



    BYU Take Out Services is not a dating service, despite the confusion that may arise from the name of the organization.

    With the move to a new location, Take Out Services is approaching the food service business with a whole new outlook.

    Located next to the Creamery, Take Out Services has given up its old niche under the back docks of the Wilkinson Center for a more visible and accessible venue.

    Shane McEwen, manager of Take Out Services, said that the advantage of the move is the visibility of the new building to the customers.

    “The accessibility of Take Out Services at the back dock was horrible. It also didn’t lend itself to a clean, professional appearance there,” McEwen said.

    “We outgrew the facilities,” he said. “There wasn’t adequate parking for customers. The back dock just wasn’t designed for a public outlet.”

    Scott Carrasco, assistant manager of Take Out Services, said there is a misconception floating around the BYU community that Take Out Services moved temporarily during the renovation of the Wilkinson Center.

    “This was a move for the better,” Carrasco said.

    Because of the newness of the location, people sometimes confuse Take Out Services for the Creamery, McEwen said.

    “We just point them in the right direction and give them a Take Out price list as they leave,” Carrasco said.

    So what exactly is BYU Take Out Services?

    It is a separate service than catering, McEwen said. Take Out Services has a full range of hot foods, entrees, bakery items, dairy products and more.

    “People don’t realize how much we have to offer,” he said. “We provide more than just punch and cookies. We can service just about any function.”

    People interested in using Take Out Services for a function can choose from a variety of foods and equipment, McEwen said.

    Brownies and Y Sparkle punch are trademark items of Take Out Services, Carrasco said.

    “I’ve heard of people traveling from all over to get these items,” he said. “I remember one person asking that if the brownies were packed tightly enough because she was getting on a plane in a couple of hours and the brownies were going with her.”

    Any individual planning an activity involving food can choose from a list of items that include tossed green salads, stroganoff, Kalua Pig, quiche and vegetables, Carrasco said.

    “We also have a few ethnic items available,” he said. “We are looking to expand in that area by adding more choices such as oriental dishes by fall.”

    The services provided by Take Out are not limited to just food.

    “We also rent out barbecue grills, ladles and punch bowls, coolers and table linens,” McEwen said.

    “Take Out Services also has two consultants to help those that are given the responsibility to plan food for parties,” he said. “They are trained to help the customer take care of everything to the last detail — checking quantities, giving the customer a checklist.”

    Take Out Services has provided food for various types of functions, McEwen said. Most of the market comes from the BYU community.

    Ward activities for both BYU and the community are popular functions that take advantage of the Take Out Services, McEwen said. Family reunions, wedding receptions, graduation and commencement parties, barbecues and mission farewells are among the events Take Out Services provides food for.

    “Some of our biggest events are conferences, sports camps, Freshman Orientation and graduation,” McEwen said.

    Peak seasons for Take Out Services are August and December.

    “In August, the Church Educational System has big conferences, there’s August Graduation and Freshman Orientation,” Carrasco said. “In December, all the wards and departments on campus have parties.”

    Students who have held callings for the activities committee in their ward are familiar with Take Out Services, but students have used BYU Take Out Services for different types of functions other than ward activities.

    Take Out Services has many options to offer the community, McEwen said. Open Monday through Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., there is something for everyone.

    “BYU Take Out Services is a one-stop shopping center,” McEwen said

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