Springville’s Art City Days providesopportunity



    Painting faces, calligraphy and storytelling are some of the art activities planned for the children of the community Friday at the Children’s Art Festival held at the Springville Museum of Art.

    “We want to involve children in a meaningful, art-learning experience,” said Sharon Gray, curator of education at the museum. “We want them to create memories so that art can be a fun part of life and enhance life.”

    John Hafen, one of the first artists to give his works to the museum, believed that art can refine the minds of youth, Gray said.

    As part of the Springville 1996 Art City Days celebration, each year approximately 800 children attend the festival.

    This year, children will participate in a variety of activities run by the members of the Junior Art Guild, BYU students and museum interns.

    “We have coordinated with the teachers of Art 326 at BYU, Art for Elementary Education, to help with face painting, staffing booths and other art activities,” Gray said.

    Aside from the art activities presented at the festival, there will be continuous live entertainment by such groups as BYU dance students, Spring Rhythm Cloggers and dancers from Lynn’s Studio of Classical Dance.

    “We hope to have good weather, a large crowd and delightful activities,” Gray said.

    The festival will be conducted on the northwest lawn of the Springville Museum of Art from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday. Admission is free. Those interested in volunteering can contact Sharon Gray at 489-2727 for information.

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