Moms love, sacrific



    With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, BYU students said qualities they admired most in their mothers are sacrifice, hard-working, optimistic and loving.

    “My mom has sacrificed so much for us kids. She is the most unselfish person I know,” said Bryan Garner, a junior from Layton majoring in exercise physiology.

    “Putting the kids first is something my mother has always done. We would get clothes and money first before she would,” said Erica Cranney, a sophomore from Oakley, Idaho, with an undecided major.

    Sacrifice is built upon the foundation of hard work. While mothers are sacrificing their time, they are working hard to teach and provide for their children.

    “The ethic of working hard is what my mother has taught me through her example. She is one of the hardest working individuals I know,” recalled Jared Birchall, a sophomore from Modesto, Calif., majoring in business.

    Despite their hard work, mothers still seem to be optimistic in the futures of their loved ones.

    “My mom has taught me the importance of looking on the bright side of things. Take the best out of life,” said Stephanie Benoit, a senior from Pittsburgh, Pa., majoring in sociology.

    “My mom always told me to spit in one hand and wish in another and see what you get more of,” recalled Sara Ricks, a sophomore from Loma, Calif., majoring in design.

    Students think mothers have a love that no one else can copy. Scott Sumsion, a senior from Midvale majoring in accounting, said, “My mom has some way of making me feel that I am the most important person in the world.

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