3rd district candidatecharged with misuseof c


    Alicia Knigh

    Utah 3rd Congressional District republican candidate, Chris Cannon, has spent ten times what Enid Greene spent on the 1994 Republican convention and now faces charges for mismanagement of funds.

    Cannon’s office was unable to comment on the charges.

    The Utah State Democrats filed charges with the Federal Elections Commission against Cannon for mismanagement of campaign funds on May 4, after reviewing his Congress Committee reports.

    According to Cannon’s reports filed with the FEC last week, Cannon has already dipped into his primary and general election account, spending $20,287.83 two weeks before the state convention held last Saturday in Salt Lake City.

    Campaign Finance Reform laws require that candidates not combine or spend money raised for the primary election prior to the state convention with convention funds. Money collected for the primary election cannot be spent until after the convention in the case that the candidate loses and the contributions must be returned.

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