Alumni host Emeritus Education Day



    The BYU Alumni Association hosted the fourth annual Emeritus Education Day Saturday at the Harris Fine Arts Center.

    This is the first year the 40-year alumni of the university have participated with the BYU Emeritus Association, said Connie Cluff of the Alumni Association.

    The day’s activities included guest lecturers, a luncheon, and campus tours for all emeritus in attendance.

    “Everyone seemed to have fun. People said they saw classmates they hadn’t seen in 30 or 40 years,” Cluff said. “Many commented on how they were glad there weren’t huge crowds because it was easier to find friends.”

    Guest lecturers included BYU psychology professor David G. Weight, BYU electrical and computer engineering professor David Arnold, and Latter-day Saint writer and composer Vanja J. Watkins.

    Broadway actress, recording artist and BYU alumna, Karen Chandler performed for the emeritus in the Harris Fine Arts Center. Chandler has performed with Ben E. Goodman and had her own television show.

    The day’s events concluded with a reunion reception, dinner and sing-a-long in the Wilkinson Center Ballroom.

    “It was a relaxed, fun, nostalgic evening for all,” said Ida Smith, administrator of alumni and student programs. “We’ve increased our numbers from 7,000 to 21,000 members. We’re looking forward to a lot of fun activities.”

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