Brimhall Building displays25 design senior proj



    Twenty-five graduating seniors will have their final projects displayed in the Brimhall Building beginning today, said Linda Sullivan of the Design Department.

    The exhibit officially starts today and will run until April 26. The reception is open to anyone interested, Sullivan said.

    “Refreshments will be served, so anyone who is interested should come and enjoy the refreshments while enjoying the exhibit,” Sullivan said.

    The exhibit will display the work of seniors graduating with bachelor’s of fine arts. The projects are the seniors’ final projects. The exhibit includes photography work, illustrations and design work, said John Telford of photography.

    “They have worked hard, real hard for a year and it really shows their individual development,” Sullivan said.

    Telford said, “It is a culmination of their entire degree program. It represents their four years of work and it gives students an opportunity to show off what they’ve done.”

    The students have been preparing for a year. The first semester was spent researching, and the second semester was spent executing their projects, Telford said.

    The exhibit will be in the gallery on the third floor of the Brimhall Building.

    “There is enough work to be exhibited that it requires the use of other parts of the building besides the gallery,” Telford said.

    “It is a unique experience to be able to see the work of these students who will become the leaders of the future in the fields of photography, illustration and design,” Telford said.

    Instructors are not the only people excited about the exhibit.

    “The senior class put a lot of effort into the projects. Some of the pieces are quite good, real good. There are books, silk screening, photographs, video and all sorts of projects. It should be a really cool show,” said Matt Doyle, a senior from Sandy, majoring in graphics design.

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