The future looms large in graduate plan



    With the onset of graduation near, BYU graduates prepare themselves to tackle the real world. Where are they going now that they have finished? Most seem to be concerned about cash flow and tell of their experiences at BYU.

    “I’m looking to find a job in Human Resources and will go anywhere they’ll pay me. Most of my contacts are in California, however, so I’ll probably end up there,” said Eric Caesar, a senior from Seal Beach, Calif., majoring in psychology.

    Some students are not only concerned about finding jobs after graduation, but have more eternal reasons for staying in the area.

    “I’ll probably stick around the area to be near friends and family and also because the job market is good. After receiving a full refund of my tuition (referring to making it out of BYU without getting married), maybe sticking around will produce a helpmeet,” said Brett Goeringer, a graduate student from Orem.

    Still other students plan to continue their education doing graduate work.

    “I’ll spend the summer working with the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts at day camp and plan to return to BYU in the fall to start graduate work in recreational management,” said Chris Blake, a senior from Los Angeles, Calif., majoring in youth leadership.

    “I hope to work for a year in dance administration, preferably in a bigger city,” said Stephanie Barton, a senior from Idaho Falls, Idaho. “Salt Lake would be ideal because I probably wouldn’t have to work on Sunday and it offers plenty of outdoor activities. I plan to go to the University of Utah after that to pursue a masters in choreography.”

    Melissa Posey, a senior from South Carolina, majoring in English, told of the need she feels to leave Utah and apply knowledge gained at BYU to other situations.

    “I’ll stay in Utah this summer to be an Academy for Girls councilor and to attend graduate school,” Posey said. “I choose BYU because of the opportunities the graduate program in literacy offers to its students. Mainly the one-on-one opportunities with the faculty and also the teaching possibilities. I do feel the need to leave the Utah area and apply the testimony that I have nurtured here to other places where perhaps the Mormon culture isn’t so dominant.”

    Whether students plan to find a job, continue in their education, or just concentrate on finding an eternal mate, one thing is certain: all are excited to walk on April 25th.

    Good luck, seniors

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