Limbaughreleases 2ndtie collection



    Rush Limbaugh, the outspoken conservative of radio and television fame, has released a second “No Boundaries On-line Tie Collection” site ( that is designed and marketed by a Provo company.

    Direct Connect is an Internet marketing company hired by Rush Limbaugh to design an online site for his tie collection and sell ties via the Internet. The first tie collection, designed by Direct Connect, was released in October and since then they have sold over $500,000 in ties. The second collection is expected to do even better.

    Jeff Barrett, co-owner of Direct Connect said, “We expect to have even more traffic to the site because of the popularity of the site and from Rush’s radio and TV announcements.”

    Barrett, a UVSC student and Jeremy Young, a student at BYU, established Direct Connect as a sister company to Western Direct, a telemarketing company. Western Direct marketed Limbaugh’s ties and Barrett and Young proposed an online collection. The idea has made them both successful.

    When Limbaugh first announced on the air that his site was open for business, it was flooded by thousands of his radio and television following, receiving up to two million hits a day at one time. The second collection is slated to open for business on April 15 to accommodate Limbaugh’s Spring/Summer catalog.

    “When I began hosting my television show three years ago,” Limbaugh said, “I wanted to stand out and make a powerful impression. So, I wore the most vibrant, colorful and memorable ties I could find.”

    With the help of his wife, Marta, a collection was born. Marta began to design and create ties with vivid colors. Today, the collection includes 75 neckties, scarves and pocket squares.

    Marta has had direct input into the design of the site, Barrett said. “She understands the importance of the Internet and its potential in marketing. One thing that makes the site so unique is that it is one of the few sites online that is making money from transactions on the Internet.”

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