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    On the second floor of the Harris Fine Arts Center each Wednesday night 107 students from a variety of majors and levels in school gather together to share one thing they all have in common.

    That thing is their love for music.

    The University Band, Music 325R, meets on Wednesday nights from 7 p.m to 9 p.m. in E-250 HFAC. This band is under the direction of Randall Beach.

    Beach said this band is open to all students who are interested in playing their instruments and does not require an audition.

    Most of the students are non-music majors, Beach said. He said many are members of the marching band which takes place during the fall semester. He said there are also quite a few students who have played in high school or college and want to continue to play their instruments.

    This is the first semester the University Band has been in existence and will continue to be offered each winter semester.

    “Our intention is to keep the band open to all students who are interested and who want to come play with a quality band,” Beach said.

    Since the band only rehearses once a week, Beach said they have two objectives. The first is to select a handful of pieces to perform for the concert at the end of the year. The second is to play through a lot of different concert band literature at a variety of difficulty levels.

    Beckie Bramer, a junior from Mechanicsburg, Penn., majoring in math and French education, said anyone can be in the class, but they need to want to do it. She plays the tuba in the University Band.

    Bramer said the band plays a variety of different styles of music. She said they are currently working on some soft and mellow pieces as well as some which are very rhythmic.

    Bramer said she loves playing with this group.

    “It’s my chance to play my instrument,” she said. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have anything to play during the winter semester.”

    Bramer has been in the marching band during the fall semester.

    Sarah Warner, a freshman from Highland, Ill., with an open major, said she feels the same way about playing in the University Band.

    “I’ve always had something to do with music but I didn’t want the pressure of auditioning for a band,” Warner said.

    “I can’t imagine my life without the music,” Warner said.

    Warner said playing with the band is a challenge and provides opportunities for individual accomplishment.

    The concert will be Friday night at 7 p.m. in the de Jong Concert Hall. The concert will also feature chamber groups, admission is free.

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