Hunters getearly jumpon season



    While the official hunting season may be months away, residents and nonresidents alike are gearing up for 1996 hunting seasons.

    Big game draw applications will be available at the end of April.

    Residents and nonresidents will be able to purchase general deer and elk permits on a first come, first serve basis beginning July 19.

    “My favorite part about hunting is not the killing, but just being out in the mountains watching the wildlife. … Also, it used to be a family tradition when there were deer — that brought extended family together. That was always fun,” said Randy Hamilton, a senior from Cedar City, majoring in physics.

    Hamilton hunted for five years before stopping because of the decrease in deer population and school responsibilities.

    While deer populations have decreased over the past several years, hunting caps from last year will remain the same.

    The general deer season is capped at 97,000 and the general elk season at 36,000.

    The 1996 big game seasons are as follow:

    General Archery Deer (Aug. 17-Sept. 6), General Season Deer (Oct. 19-27), General Muzzleloader Deer and Elk (Oct. 30-Nov. 7) General Archery Elk (Aug. 29-Sept. 13), General Season Elk (Oct. 9-17).

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