Turner ready to ?dive? into new phase of li



    Although BYU diver Scott Turner returned from the national collegiate championships finishing 28th out of 35, he learned what, to him, is most important.

    Turner said diving has taught him how to set and reach goals through hard work. Diving has taught him what commitment and dedication mean. He said he has enjoyed the comradery he has shared with the other divers, whom he referred to as his best friends.

    “It was a very fair competition,” coach Keith Russell said. “I felt that we pretty much got what we deserved.”

    “We went there (Austin, Texas) to represent BYU well, and I think we did that,” Russell said.

    Russell said the difference in talent between Turner and his competitors wasn’t significant. The difference was the amount of time the other divers put into their diving. For many divers at the competition, diving is comparable to their livelihood, Russell said.

    Turner didn’t compete so much against greater athletic ability, but against a greater level of commitment, Russell said. BYU divers have other interests besides athletics competing for their time, he said.

    “I walked away a winner; whether I won the competition doesn’t matter,” Turner said. He added that he is anxious to begin a new phase in his life.

    “For me, this is an exciting new time to start my life all over again,” he said. Turner said he is looking forward to getting married this summer and to beginning his final year of school.

    Turner said he really enjoys diving, but it’s not the first priority in his life.

    “Some of these guys when they’re done with diving won’t know what to do with their lives,” he said.

    Now that diving is over for Turner, he said he can look back on his experience diving for BYU without any regrets

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