Access current movie listings via Interne



    Two BYU students have started up a business of listing and updating movies on the World Wide Web, making services more convenient for patrons in the local community.

    Mike Rasmussen a junior from Philadelphia, Penn., majoring in computer science; and Randy Davis a senior. from Escondido, Calif., majoring in English started up Web Express which began its services to the Utah Valley area last week. They said they hope it will aid students and local community members plan for weekend dates and activities.

    “Right now we have all the movie listings for the Provo/Orem area, including a map on how to get there, times of shows, movie reviews, ratings, who stars in the movies and much more information about the movies and surrounding places of interest than one could possibly hope for, even short previews of the movies,” Davis said.

    “We hope that our web page will serve as a one stop resource where one can turn for date and entertainment information,” Rasmussen said.

    Davis came up with the original idea od putting movie listings on the Internet.

    “I was sitting on the couch one evening with my wife and thought to myself, ‘wouldn’t it be cool if the movie listings were available via the Internet?’ So I called up Mike, who had experience setting up web pages, and it took off from there,” he said.

    The web page is updated every Thursday when the printout for the upcoming movies is available.

    Rasmussen and Davis are in the process of selling advertising space on their web page. Cyborg Assault on university avenue has bought some space and others are soon to follow.

    “I take my lap top around and show our clients what the page looks like, and they generally are very enthusiastic about advertising with us,” said Rasmussen.

    Carmike Theaters has been on the internet back east for two years now and has just recently begun here in the west with Web Express.

    Rasmussen and Davis said they plan to build a solid base with their movie update page then eventually branch out.

    “Our Ultimate vision is to have Web Express act as an entertainment update page where people can turn to for information on movies, theater, sporting events and dining,” Davis said.

    The movie update page can be found at http://www.movieupdate.comMDIN”

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