Stepdown Loungeto be renovated



    The “campus living room” will be torn down next week as renovation plans move forward.

    Formally known as the Stepdown Lounge, the campus living room in the Wilkinson Center is now to be used in building the future homes of the ID Center, Campus Scheduling, the Information Center and maintenance storage.

    These new services will extend from the wall of the Garden Court to the new addition that is currently a large pit on the northwest side of the Wilkinson Center.

    There will no longer be a walkway going from the Candy Jar to the elevators. With the completion of the project, a new walkway will lead from the Candy Jar through the new addition into the new Cougareat food court.

    “I’m going to miss it. It’s a convenient spot between classes to study and have a little peace and quiet,” said Charity Ball, a freshman from Boise, Idaho, majoring in physical education.

    For the last 32 years, the Stepdown Lounge has been a popular study area and a place for organizations to set up display booths.

    “It’s a central location that will make important services more accessible to people. It is also part of the overall renovation plan that is presently under way,” said Dick Aland, Wilkinson Center construction manager.

    With the disappearance of this popular lounge, the new Memorial Lounge will be located on the east side of the Wilkinson Center where blood drives are usually conducted.

    Once renovation plans are completed, the main entrance area on the first floor of the Wilkinson Center will be carpeted and include sofas and nice seating spaces.

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