Foundation takes cars as donation



    The National Kidney Foundation of Utah is accepting old cars as donations to help fight kidney disease.

    The National Kidney Foundation of Utah has been involved in the car-donation program for four years. The program has become a permanent part of the foundation, but this year the foundation is working harder to collect cars because of its membership on the Utah Statehood Centennial Commission.

    Luz Lewis-Perez, program manager of the National Kidney Foundation of Utah, said, “This is a big year for us.”

    Generally, a donated car does not have to be in great condition because the foundation has the option of recycling the metal, selling the parts or selling the car at an auction.

    However, Lewis-Perez said, “We do require at least four wheels, a motor and a title. It must be a complete vehicle.”

    Lewis-Perez said the program benefits the community because it encourages recycling and aids local kidney patients, Lewis-Perez said.

    The foundation will tow donated cars without charge and can arrange the details of the donation with one phone call.

    The National Kidney Foundation of Utah can be reached at (801) 226-5111 in Utah County or at 1-800-TOW-KARS (1-800-869-5277) outside of Utah County.

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