Cougarnet userscan now displaysite on WWW



    Personal Home Pages are now available on CougarNet basic accounts.

    The CougarNet basic accounts that provide students with E-mail, Internet service, World Wide Web access and software applications has just expanded its services to aid students to set up personal Web pages.

    “People have been begging for Web pages for a long time. We wanted to provide that service for them,” said Amy Goeckeritz, CougarNet business manager.

    Personal Web pages are used by professors and students alike to express ideas, list hobbies, photos, and interests.

    “Web pages are a way of making a statement of values,” said Ed McLaughlin, BYU CAD data base manager.

    “It allows me to put out for the world to see what I believe and hold important.”

    Crystal Light, a sophomore from St. Charles, Mich., majoring in family history, has been working on her Web page for a week now.

    “I saw it as a challenge,” she said. “I wanted to see if I could do it by trial and error. The poor computer lab people probably hate me by now but they helped me get it started, and I’m updating everyday.”

    “The personal Web pages are meant to provide a touch of Web experience, by no means is this a Cadillac service, it would simply take to much space and processing time,” Goeckeritz said.

    Students are allowed up to five megabytes of space for their Web pages with no additional charge to their CougarNet accounts.

    “Extra disk storage over the five meg. limit will cost the student extra, but from my experience, most will stay well below the space limit,” Goeckeritz said.

    CougarNet provides information for those interested in setting up Web pages as well as information about Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), with Netscape. Call the Student Computing Support Center at 378-3699 or go to 156 TMCB.

    Students with access to the Internet can access information about setting up an Cougarnet account at, where they can receive a BYU account number. In order to start it up, they must present their BYU I.D. card at 156 TMCB or downstairs in the IAS Lab downstairs in the southwest corner of the Talmage Building.

    To find out about Web pages offered by Cougarnet, access

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