Order mix-up results in free pizza



    Hundreds of pizzas were given away and others were sold throughout BYU campus after an order mix-up Thursday.

    Little Caesars Pizza in Provo and Orem combined to fill the requested order from the Engineering Department and then were forced to rid themselves of 300 unwanted pizzas.

    “The order was originally for 5:30 p.m., but I was told by my supervisor that the order was changed to 10 a.m.,” said Shelly Thomas, manager of the 900 East, Provo, Little Caesars.

    Each of the three stores made roughly 100 pizzas. When the word came back from their district supervisor that the order was indeed for later that afternoon, they were stuck with the pizzas.

    “I was told to get rid of them,” said Scott, a driver for the Little Caesars on 1260 N. State, Provo. “We sold 63 pizzas outside the Richards Building for $4 a piece, and they didn’t last long.”

    Thomas, however, gave out 100 pizzas in the Wilkinson Center to whoever wanted them.

    “People deserve free lunch every once in a while,” she said. “There were a lot of people giving me weird looks when I told them the pizza was free, but most seemed pretty excited. I was handing out two here and five there; it was great and I felt good about it.”

    The students didn’t seem to mind, either.

    “We were having a staff party in the multicultural office, and the pizzas fit right in,” said Tim Fewkes, a junior from Sacramento, Calif., majoring in psychology.

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