Approval of $7 million bondfor Olympic rink exp



    Utah County commissioners and Provo City officials are in the process of reaching an agreement to approve the $7 million bond needed to build a practice skating arena to be used by athletes during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

    Jerry Grover, a Utah County commissioner, said the preliminary agreement to approve the bond has not been reached, but is expected by the beginning of March. Provo City has approved the agreement, but Utah County’s lawyers are making a few minor amendments, Grover said.

    Lewis Billings, the chief administrative officer of Provo City, said Utah County, Provo City and the Olympic Organizing Committee have each promised to fund the bond.

    Utah County and Provo City will each contribute $2 million while the Olympic Organizing Committee has promised $3 million by 1999, Billings said.

    Grover said the public needs to know the money is not coming from the general fund. Transient room taxes and restaurant taxes will be used for the arena because a state statute has designated this money for the building of recreational and cultural facilities, Grover said.

    However, county officials are waiting until March to reach their final decision because state legislators may change this statute, Grover said.

    Billings said the entire county will benefit from the arena. Grover agreed.

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