Valentine birthdayseasy to remember



    For anyone who has forgotten a friend’s or loved one’s birthday; the solution to this embarrassing occurrence is to choose friends with birthdays on major holidays. One prime example is Valentine’s Day birthdays.

    “It was always a lot of fun because no one forgot it was our birthday and everyone was making pies and cookies already,” said Nate Henderson, a senior manufacturing engineering major from Orem regarding the Valentines Day birthday he and his twin brother, Rich, share.

    In high school, Nate and Rich would dress up in cupid outfits on their birthday.

    “We had Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum written on the back of heart boxers. We ran around and shot arrows at people,” Nate said.

    While in their outfits, they would hop into the various classrooms and ask people out on dates on behalf of their friends for the upcoming Sweetheart Dance.

    Nate and Rich are not the only people with Valentine’s Day birthdays.

    “We must have had a total of six friends growing up with the same birthday,” said Rich, also a senior manufacturing engineering student. “It was always fun. My mom said we were her valentines.”

    Shawn Bonifay, a junior sociology major from Odessa, Texas, also liked having her birthday on Valentine’s Day.

    “When I was little, there were always parties at school for Valentine’s Day. I thought it was for my birthday,” she said.

    For Bonifay’s 16th birthday, she had a huge surprise party.

    “I wasn’t expecting it,” she said.

    As is typical to match the occasion, all the decorations were in Valentine’s Day colors and heart shapes.

    “Everything was hearts; I even had heart cakes,” Bonifay said.

    While growing up, Bonifay had a friend, Erin Vore, who shared her birthday.

    “We were best friends. We celebrated our birthdays together. We had parties together,” said Vore, a senior family science major who is also from Odessa, Texas.

    “It was wonderful. I always got spoiled, I always got valentines and gifts, and everyone always remembered,” Vore said.

    Hearts and Valentine’s Day colors dominate her birthday themes as well.

    “I always get hearts, balloons and heart gifts,” Vore said.

    On one of her birthdays, her sister-in-law sent her a lace, heart-shaped pillow from Belgium.

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