Service opportunities plentiful in Utah County



    Russell C. Taylor, in the November 1984 Ensign said, “It has been wisely said, ‘Service is the rent we pay for our own room on earth.’ We should know that the rent is due on a daily basis and know that the receipt is never stamped, ‘Paid in full,’ because the rent, service in God’s kingdom, is again due today and due tomorrow.”

    For every BYU student who has ever said, “I love to serve,” here is a list of current service opportunities in Utah County:


    Adaptive Aquatics (Contact: Gary Heaton 374?2D8758)

    Adaptive Aquatics needs volunteers on Tuesdays and Thursdays to swim with handicapped children.

    Alpine Life & Learning Center in Orem (Contact: Kristi 374?2D8108)

    More than 150 volunteers are needed at the Alpine Life and Learning Center in Orem to tutor and motivate students of all ages.

    BYU Access Program (Contact: Rob George 378-3057)

    Through the Access program, volunteers will have the opportunity to be positive role models for children at risk. Two BYU students (a male/female partnership) will be assigned to visit a family and involve children in activities.

    Center for Women and Children in Crisis (Contact: Kimberly 374?2D9351)

    Volunteers can help stop abuse by introducing abused women to the shelter and answering the hot line. Training is provided. An eight month commitment is required.

    Dixon Middle School (Contact: Steve 374?2D4802)

    For 20 to 40 minutes each week, volunteers are needed to work with elementary school children. Volunteers will work one-on-one with students to help them with motivation, goal-setting, attendance problems and homework.

    Family Support and Treatment Center (Contact: Jamie 229?2D1181)

    Various opportunities exist. Volunteers can:

    (1) Make and donate quiet books to potentially abused and neglected children.

    (2) Teach self-esteem by caring for potentially abused children.

    (3) Teach arts and crafts, or read and play games.

    (4) Deep clean the crisis nursery on a monthly basis.

    Kids on the Move (Contact: Karen 221?2D9930)

    Kids on the Move needs volunteers to help disabled preschoolers achieve goals, sing and learn. Volunteers can also help teachers prepare materials and assist with various projects.

    Phone Pal (Contact: Stacee 226-2257)

    Volunteers are needed to help compile lists of activities for children who are alone, bored or scared.

    Tiny Tots Center (Contact: Les 225?2D8218)

    Volunteers have the opportunity to befriend severely handicapped children. Volunteers can read to them, take them on friend trips and encourage the development of new skills.

    United Way Volunteer Center (Contact: Kristi or Dennene 374?2D8108)

    Volunteers are needed to make toys and games for various agencies that serve children.


    Phase (Contact: Aaron Clomp 344?2D8554)

    Volunteers are needed to act as role models and friends to youth who live at the Parkview Group Home.

    Project Vision (Contact: Dave 373?2D8200)

    Project Vision needs volunteers to work with at-risk children one-to-one and in group activities and service projects. The program seeks to provide positive role models for children to prevent substance abuse, gang involvement and poverty.

    RAH/Youth Volunteer Council (YVC) (Contact: United Way 374?2D8108)

    RAH organizes activities for the disabled in the community and YVC is a group of high school youth that give assistance to and organize service programs for their high school.

    Unified Sports (Contact: Jason Beckstead 375?2D0727)

    Volunteers are needed to accompany handicapped children to sporting events throughout the year.

    Utah State Hospital (Contact: Shauna 344?2D4400)

    Volunteers are needed to:

    (1) Plan softball or volleyball games, or other athletic activities for youth.

    (2) Help with dances for youth or adults by decorating, providing refreshments and participating in the dances.

    Youth Detention Center (Contact: April McCowen 374?2D7553)

    Volunteers are needed to visit youth once a week to act as role models and to play games.

    Youth Service Center Volunteer (Contact: John 370?2D8436)

    At the Youth Service Center volunteers can:

    (1) Work at a temporary shelter facility for youth who are homeless, runaway, abused and/or experiencing conflict.

    (2) Work with youth who are housed at the center on a temporary basis. Play games or involve youth in other activities at the center.

    (3) Help clean doors and windows.

    Sources: United Way Volunteer Center, BYUSA

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