Y Engineering and technology majorsfind life



    Engineering and technology majors may study consistently and not have much extra time to hang out with their friends, but otherwise their lifestyles are similar to the rest of BYU students.

    “I love playing sports; that is my hobby. I like to do what everyone else likes to do: like rest and play around. I like to do engineering and that’s why I am in it,” said Tam My Southwick, a senior from San Jose, Ca., majoring in civil engineering.

    “I always like to go out, when I do have time. It’s hard with homework. It is very demanding,” Southwick added. “You don’t have a lot of time to get out unless you organize your time well.”

    Paul Ownby, a sophomore from Rolla, Mo., majoring in mechanical engineering, considers himself and many fellow electrical engineering majors to be well rounded, if not typical students.

    “I’m pretty well rounded. I don’t think I am a typical engineer. I actually know a lot of EE majors who are also double majors in some type of music, vocal or instrumental,” Ownby said.”

    “I like music, in fact, I was almost a music major,” Ownby said. “I used to be on the folk dance team. I also really like math and I really like to do things on the computer.”

    “I like working on a team, but I do like a little bit of delegation. A lot of things I like to do myself just to make sure they are done correctly. But I like working on a team because you get a lot more ideas,” Ownby said. “I would like to be a leader so I could delegate what a person does.”

    Allen Graff, a senior from Sandy majoring in mechanical engineering, said “I’m probably less outgoing than average, but I’m fairly constant in my studies.”

    Graff said he likes to date, but his courses are demanding and they leave little extra time. So, he goes out occasionally — once or twice a month.

    “I usually hang out with friends,” he added. “I prefer small groups of people. I like to watch movies. I like cultural activities, musicals. I don’t really get into the dances.”

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