Orton, Stewart dedicate ‘habitat’



    Rep. Bill Orton, D-Utah, and Provo mayor George Stewart were in attendance at the dedication of the home of Robert and Karen Faubus, built entirely by Provo City firefighters in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity of Utah County.

    “This year we celebrate 100 years as a state,” Orton said to the over 75 people at the house. “Early pioneers had to work together as a community, and as a community they built each others’ houses and helped each other.”

    “As we have grown larger, we have forgotten that heritage. Habitat for Humanity helps us to go back to helping and caring for each other.”

    Mayor Stewart said this is a great example of private and public partnership. “Provo has a tremendous need for low and moderate income housing and Habitat for Humanity does something about it,” Stewart said.

    The house was built with less than $12,000 cash, said Julie Beck, Provo City ombudsman and coordinator of Habitat for Humanity of Utah County. The labor and other materials were all donated. At the ceremony, plaques were given to some of the larger donors around the community.

    Robert and Karen Faubus each thanked all those who had a part in their new home. Holding back tears, Karen Faubus said, “Without the firefighters or Habitat for Humanity, we couldn’t have our own house.”

    This is the fifth home built by Habitat for Humanity of Utah County and another is planned to be finished this spring. The city government donated the land it is being built on and has helped keep building costs down by waiving building permit fees.

    “With the help of city, state and federal governments, we can reach out as a community,” Orton said. “I am very happy to see this occasion because this is what being a community is all about.”

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