Manti Temple falling apart;2-year renovation pl



    Excessive deterioration of the stone walls of the Manti Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has prompted a two-year renovation project, scheduled to begin this spring.

    Stone from the original quarry used to build the temple 107 years ago will be used for the renovation, said project manager Mark Hintze.

    The quarry is located in the same hill upon which the temple was built, Hintze said.

    “They’re still taking stone out of it,” he said.

    LDS Church spokesman Don LeFevre said the conveniently-located quarry actually has the highest quality stone of any of the several quarries in the area.

    “Stone from this quarry was once shipped to California to build the Palace Sheraton Hotel in downtown San Francisco,” LeFevre said.

    LeFevre said the famous quarry’s stone has also been used in the construction of other prominent buildings, such as the county courthouse in downtown Provo.

    What makes the stone so special, LeFevre said, is that it is not granite as is the stone in the Salt Lake Temple, but oolitic.

    “It’s easier to shape than granite,” he said, “but it’s harder to find stones large enough.”

    Hintze said the two-year project will begin in April with an estimated cost exceeding $2.6 million.

    The temple will be open throughout the construction.

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