Chamber of commerce to acclaim volunteers



    The Provo-Orem Chamber of Commerce will be having an Installation and Awards Banquet this Wednesday at the Provo Park Hotel, honoring people who volunteered time at the chamber this past year.

    “The main reason for the banquet is to give out the awards for everyone who worked so hard last year,” said Todd Parker, director of public relations at the Chamber of Commerce.

    The banquet has been held every year since 1921.

    Along with the evening’s entertainment, Bryce Chamberlain, a committee member of the Chamber, will take on the character of Brigham Young while installing new board members.

    “We want to focus on the people that helped lay the foundation for statehood, and Brigham Young was one of the first,” said Steve Densley, President of the Chamber.

    After the installation of new board members, “Brigham Young” will give a 1800s view of commerce and growth in Utah Valley.

    Amanda Moody, a sophomore at BYU and the current Miss Utah, will perform Chopin’s Ballade No. 4. Moody has soloed with several symphonies, and has studied at the Gnesin Institute in Russia.

    The Mendelsson Male Chorus will be performing the song composed for the statehood celebration of 1896, “Land of the Mountains High,” also the official song of the Centennial Celebration this year. The chorus was first organized in 1912 and is second oldest in Utah next to the Mormon Tabernacle choir. There will also be a slide show featuring Utah County at the turn of the century.

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