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Smartphones pose security risks

Smartphones have changed the landscape of technology since the iPhone’s initial release ten years ago. Communication is easier than ever, but that also makes it easier for hackers to access personal information.

Melissa Majchrzak

Salt Lake Screaming Eagles indoor football team gives fans control

Smartphones and social media allow today’s sports fans to follow their favorite teams and track everything they do. However, engagement is largely one-sided. Coaches still run their preferred plays while general managers manage the rosters. This leaves fans wondering how things would have turned out, had different decisions been made.


Smart sports fans changing the game with smartphones

Former BYU athlete Craig Merkley enjoys watching the throwers on the BYU track team compete. Merkley threw the discus for BYU until he graduated last year, but staying up to date on such an obscure sport hasn’t been easy when there aren’t millions of other fans demanding to view the product.