High-intensity interval training provides better workout

Jessica Anderson takes a 10-second break to catch her breath before starting a third set of burpees. In her small living room, Anderson uses YouTube as her personal trainer. Without leaving her house or using any equipment, Anderson has completed a full-body workout in 20 minutes.

Anderson, a BYU elementary education student from Perrysburg, Ohio, used to spend an hour doing cardio at the gym, but for the last two months, she’s done high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in her apartment ins…

BYU ahead of the game in the country's fastest-growing sport

It can be hard to be a BYU fan when it comes to sports. The Cougars have incredible teams that come up just short in tournament play. In football, basketball and baseball, it often seems to be the same story. But with rugby, it’s different.

BYU’s rugby team has shown dominance over the past five years as it has demolished opponents on its way to winning four of the last five national championships. With such success, the rugby team has stirred up a lot of interest and excitement about the…

Eight returning starters give BYU women's soccer high expectations this season

The BYU women’s soccer team has eight returning starters and a competitive schedule making this season one full of high expectations.

“I think this season is going to be a special year because we have so many returning players,” Marissa Nimmer Linehan, senior midfielder, said.

According to head coach Jennifer Rockwood, last season was one of the youngest teams BYU has had in a decade. Because of that, it took the girls a few games to find their stride. Once they did, they won 11 consec…

BYU basketball heads to Spain to play four games

The BYU men’s basketball team left for Spain this week. The team will spend 10 days in Spain and play four games.

Returning starters Nate Austin, Kyle Collinsworth, Chase Fischer and Corbin Kaufusi will all have the opportunity to play on the trip and bring their collective experience to the team.

The Cougars will spend time in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona during their trip as they play various European teams, including the European Basketball Academy and Eurocolegio Casvi, from Aug….

Education Week: Tom Holmoe addresses state of BYU athletics

BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe began his Education Week Q & A session by saying there are 623 student athletes at the university.

“Not ‘about 600,” not ‘over 500.’ It’s 623 athletes,” Holmoe said. “Each of them has a name and they are here at BYU because they’re really, really special at what they do.”

Holmoe said that his focus is on these athletes.

“What’s best for our BYU athletes? That’s what I pursue,” Holmoe said. “We’re doing everything we can to put our kids in the bes…